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Friday, 10 August 2018

Top 5 Android offline open world games

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Hello friends, here comes best offline games on playstore :

Download :-

Experience thrilling hack’n’slash swipe combat! ★ Dive into an engrossing RPG campaign that will take hours to unravel! ★ Craft and enchant powerful gear to aid you on your quest! ★ Grow in strength as you forge the fate of Mourngard!

Download Dawnbringer

Crazy Miami Online -
- 3 big cities- more than 50 cars and motorcycles- more than 30 characters- any kind of work- more than 40 types of weapons- 5 helicopters- missions
Download Crazy Miami Online

Code Asylum has for generations lived in peace with its neighbors, largely untouched by wars of conquest waged by the surrounding petty kingdoms and empires. Stout soldiers and a network of sturdy fortresses are the primary means to discourage invaders, however the lasting freedom of Avanga rests on its spiritual strength and the fierce determination of its people to live in accordance with their sacred beliefs.

Go To Street 2
Fitness club- Dance club- Auto Salon- Hotel room- Swimming- Taxi driving- Helicopter controler- Character election- Car Rent- Coaster- Easy control- Fantastic graphics- Specific cars- Control of the third person - Grand Street- Grand City- Beautiful town- Beautiful island- Fantastic car physics- Fantastic people physics
Download Go To Street 2

Off The Road
Explore beautiful landscapes-8 off road cars to unlock and drive-Driveable boats, helicopters-Tons of challenges to beat-Collect card packs to unlock new cars-Tons of collectables-Physically simulated water-Climb hills-Transport goods-Beat challenges-Endless fun

Download Off The Road

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